News and Events

KMEF would like to express its profound gratitude for the continued friendship of a true global leader, AT&T. Michael Walker and Janice McQuirter have worked diligently to forge this important relationship and it is our sincere hope that this collaboration will edify aspiring students and inspire others to join us in our ongoing mission. Once again, thank you for fulfilling both organization’s common values of family, faith, community and education.
KMEF is dedicated to improving the quality of education for young people of all ages. This year we have expanded our scope to include support of the Kingston Montessori School in Clinton, Mississippi.

As founders, Limmie and Henry Flowers have fostered a distinctive environment in their own community where children learn freely and select work that captures their interest. Encouraging their efforts are a special group of benefactors who also deserve attention. KMEF would also like to recognize Louise McQuirter, Paul McQuirter, Dorothy McQuirter and Joseph McQuirter for their extraordinary dedication to this remarkable institution. For all who have made Kingston Montessori possible, thank you for your ongoing stewardship and sacrifice.