Creating Opportunity For All


Keeping pace with the rising costs of education can be daunting task for any family and without adequate financial assistance it can mean a postponement to personal aspirations -- or the end to a lifelong dream.

For the past quarter century, the Katherine Murriel Education Fund has met this challenge by providing need based scholarship awards to deserving college students all across America. This financial assistance has given young people the means to pay for school expenses that they normally would not have been able to afford. For each, it will enable them to complete their education in a timely manner and join their fellow students as productive and competitive members of the workforce.

The cornerstone of this work is based on an unwavering dedication to four guiding principles: education, family, faith and community. But to continue our work, we need your immediate support. So please, use this website to learn more about our mission and take action with us today. We believe that with your help we can continue to create educational opportunity for another twenty five years -- not just for some, but for all.