Our Story


Katherine Murriel (1904-1989) was a caring grandmother, a devoted member of her church congregation and a tireless exponent of progress in the small, rural town of Clinton, Mississippi. Her life is an endearing story of a person who had terribly little but yet gave so very much.

From within a community facing difficult economic and social challenges, she advocated both the potency of faith and the liberating power of education. Over the course of her life, Katherine Murriel never ceased to encourage children and young adults to improve their lives through higher learning. She worked “across the aisle” in a still segregated South to ensure that all young people of Clinton had access to meaningful educational opportunities. To assist them in achieving those dreams, she always gave selflessly and each of her individual sacrifices transmuted into an inspiring legacy of faith, hope and love. “Her Story” became an abundant inheritance that has been passed on undiluted for five generations -- a hallmark of love that our family now calls Our Story.

In 1990, an education fund was established at Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church to honor her memory and to preserve the deep commitment to education that she personified. Initially, the Katherine Murriel Education Fund (KMEF) continued her work by giving a monetary award and an engraved Bible to aspiring high school graduates in the local community. Since that time, the Fund has broadened its scope and become an incorporated 501(c) (3) public charity. Today, KMEF offers need-based scholarships to deserving students all across America, it supports mentoring and entrepreneurial programs for junior high and high school students and it seeks out strategic partnerships with like-minded institutions such as Tougaloo College and Illinois Central College. This three part commission aims to enhance the overall quality of education -- not just for some, but for all.

This unwavering dedication to the values of faith, education, family and community has been the cornerstone of the Katherine Murriel Education Fund for a quarter of a century and we believe that these four guiding principles will help us to continue serving our youth for another twenty five years -- and beyond. But in order to do so, we need your immediate support. Please join us now in our efforts to do an even greater good. Pledge whatever you can and help us make “Our Story” part of “Your Story”….